FACTS offers members of the food industry a great depth and breadth of knowledge within one company. We are a unique team of experts with medical, life science, dietetics, food science, educational and commercial knowledge. Our synergy provides vital advantages to our food industry clients.

1. Food Labelling Consultation

FACTS evaluates food labelling for compliance with legislation, for both local and international markets. We offer advice on food product marketing according to health and nutritional benefits.

2. Food Safety


Allergen Testing
The FACTS laboratory is the first in South Africa (and one of few worldwide) to be able to detect and quantify traces of contaminant allergens in food products. In addition to providing a reliable result, our expertise allows us to interpret our findings and to recommend practical solutions. FACTS offers a variety of food allergen testing options, the most frequently requested being gluten, egg, milk and soy.

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Proficiency Testing: FACTS embarks on periodic proficiency testing with FAPAS to ensure that our results are comparable and correct. For further details, click here.

Animal Species Detection and Identification
FACTS has developed a large number of DNA-based methods for the identification of meat species, both in single ingredient commodities (using DNA sequencing) and in complex food matrices (using species-specific detection methods).

General guidelines as well as practical assistance can be provided for allergen control in the manufacturing environment.

Generic documents available from FACTS:
1. FACTS Guidelines for the Management of Allergens and the Development of an Allergen Control Policy
2. FACTS Guidelines for Cleaning of Allergens in Food Processing Environments

FACTS can aid in the identification of misleading food labels, and in correction for both local and export markets.

FACTS provides management, technical and floor staff training which creates an awareness of the importance of allergens and the areas in a food manucturing environment where control is required.

FACTS offer regular workshops to the food industry on allergen management. Please contact us if you would like to be informed of these events, click here (take to contact details). To see the program, click here.

3. Testing Assistance

FACTS assists in obtaining and managing both routine and uncommon food and other substance testing. An interpretation of the results is provided in a full report.

4. Assistance with Consumer Food Reactions

FACTS will assist with collecting information from your customers to asses the possible cause for the food reactions they experience. Included in our report will be a suggested action.

5. Research and Development - Innovations

FACTS can assist in collecting scientific information relevant for new product development, e.g., the safe use of additives: permitted usage levels, ingredient interactions with additives, and export requirements.

6. Promotional Assistance

Development of fact sheets
Workshops and training
Assistance with launching new product information
Consumer queries/complaints

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